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Looking for a Great Set of House Plans? WOWhouseplans.com is Expanding Its Gallery of House Plans for Sale!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Check out the latest featured house plans, WOW2700, WOW1993, WOW1976, and WOW1601, on the WOWhouseplans.com website. The housing market is in an historical upturn, and it has been many years since conditions have been this favorable to build a new home. Whether you want to build your own home, have a contractor build your home, or you want to build a home for your client, finding a smart design and a great set of house plans is one of the most important things you will do to make your dream home a reality. Browse the ever-expanding WOWhouseplans.com gallery of house plans for sale, and get that perfect design you have been looking for with a high quality set of house plans at a completely affordable price. We have great plans for you, so get your journey to a dream home started today!   Read More . . .

Check Out WOWhouseplans.com for the Latest Featured House Plans Under $500!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Yes, you read that correctly! The website now offers almost a dozen top quality house plans for less than $500, and the gallery of plans for sale at all other prices and sizes is growing weekly. You deserve the peace of mind that a well-designed and fully-detailed house plan can provide during the construction of your next home, so have a look around the website to see all that WOWhouseplans.com has to offer! Check out WOWhouseplans.com on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, or at http://www.wowhouseplans.com to see the latest featured house plans, WOW1695, WOW1656, WOW1834, and WOW1488 … all under $500 for the working drawings to build your next dream home! You can go to http://www.wowhouseplans.com/sample_plan for a look at a sample plan to see what comes in the typical set of a WOW house plan. Plan customization and plot/site plans are available for an additional charge with any of the house plans on the website. It is a great time to buy a new home, and why not have it built just the way you like it. It all starts with a great set of house plans, so begin the journey to your dream home, today, by purchasing a top quality house plan from WOWhouseplans.com!   Read More . . .

Sales of New Homes Reach Seven Year High … Time for You to Build That New Home!?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The U.S. Commerce Department reported this Tuesday that purchases of new homes in the month of May reached the highest level since early 2008. The surplus of existing homes that flooded the housing market during and after the 2007-2008 housing bubble collapse seems to finally be dwindling down, thus causing existing home prices to rise nationally to near 90% of their pre-collapse values, as indicated recently by the S&P National Home Price Index. With many of the great deals on existing homes already snatched up by savvy buyers, buying/building a new home now just makes good economic sense, especially when mortgage rates are at a historically low 4%. Bloomberg Business reported this Tuesday that their recent survey of economists indicated a concern that the Federal Reserve could prompt a mortgage rate increase as early as this September. All this having been said, now is a great time to build that dream home you have been wanting, and finding a great set of house plans is one of the first and most important steps in the process. WOWhouseplans.com has great plans for you! Check out our home page for the latest additions to our gallery of house plans for sale, or just browse our entire gallery at your leisure.   Read More . . .

Summer Is Just Around the Corner and You Could Be Living in Your New Dream Home Before the Warm Weather’s End

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

As May’s graduations, proms, and rain delays draw to an end, new home building kicks into high gear in June which has the longest sunlit days of the year, as well as the beginning of Summer on the 21st. With July, August, and September generally being the driest, and best home building, months of the year, you still have time to buy your house plans and be in your dream home by early Fall. Save time and money with quality house plans from WOWhouseplans.com, and get your home building started in a few weeks rather than months. We have great plans for you, so browse our expanding gallery of house plans for sale today!   Read More . . .

What You Don’t Know About Copyright Law Can Hurt You

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Did you know that when you purchase a house plan from a home designer, a house plan service, or a website you are not buying the right to use the plan design as you wish? It may come as a surprise to learn that you are actually only purchasing the paper sets of blackline prints along with a single-use license or authorization to build one dwelling using those sets of prints. To reuse or resell the plan design or the paper sets of blackline prints in total, in part, or with any degree of modification is illegal without the prior consent of the designer. Generally, a reasonably priced reuse fee can be paid to obtain the authorization to build a second dwelling with the sets of blackline prints. WOWhouseplans.com will reprint the sets of blackline prints in return for payment of a reuse fee, and customization of the plan design is always an option for an additional charge.    Read More . . .

Security of Your Sensitive Data During Online Financial Transactions Has Never Been More Important than Right Now!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When it comes to making financial transactions online, processing accuracy and security of your sensitive data have never been more important than in our current age of information and technology. For this reason, the processing and protection of your online transactions with WOWhouseplans.com are entrusted only to companies that are well-established leaders in the data protection and payment processing industries. For our website verification and secure data transmission, we work with GlobalSign, the same company that provides protection for a huge range of companies from Google and Microsoft to Ford and Starbucks. Authorize.Net provides our payment gateway, and you can click on the Authorize.Net logo at the bottom right of any WOWhouseplans.com web page to confirm that the page's associated domain is a verified online merchant. As you ready yourself for the journey that will lead you to a new home, know that you can confidently take your first big step with a house plan purchase from WOWhouseplans.com. We look forward to doing business with you ... safely and securely!   Read More . . .

Spring Is Upon Us and It Is Prime Time to Visit WOWhouseplans.com to Get the House Plan for Your or Your Client's Dream Home

Monday, March 16, 2015

Well our clocks have sprung forward, and Spring is upon us! That means it is prime time to get the house plan for your or your client's dream home, so your new home can be completed by Summer's end. Often the time to have house plans designed and prepared can take weeks and weeks and cost 2-3% of the total expense to build your home, but you can save time and money by finding a tried and true, quality house plan on WOWhouseplans.com. As our gallery expands weekly, your dream home just becomes more and more easy to find, and keep in mind you can always request customization on any of the house plans at WOWhouseplans.com by using our Customization Request Form. Every journey begins with a first step, so start your journey to a dream home with a WOW house plan today!   Read More . . .

WOWhouseplans.com Now Has House Plans on Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Check out WOWhouseplans.com on Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest. We appreciate everyone's support in getting the word out about the website, and now we have made it even easier to keep up with our latest news and featured house plans. Go ahead and like, follow, and pin all things WOWhouseplans.com to your heart's content. The latest round of featured plans spotlights some of our largest house plans with special features galore. Be sure to check them out, and thanks again for all your support!   Read More . . .

More and More Clients Are Realizing the Great Value in Their House Plans from WOWhouseplans.com

Friday, November 14, 2014

As WOWhouseplans.com begins to claim its share of the online house plan market, more and more clients are realizing the great value they are getting in their sets of WOW house plans. For many clients who are building their first home, a realization of the full value of their WOW house plan may not come until well into the building process when they are getting compliments from their builder and subcontractors on the detail and thoroughness of their plan. A quality house plan can make all the difference in how smoothly your home building process goes, as well as how closely your finished home resembles what you first saw, and fell in love with, in your house plan. Rest assured, a house plan from WOWhouseplans.com will be one of the wisest investments you ever make on your journey to a dream home for yourself or for a client. We have great plans for you, so come see what all the buzz is about!   Read More . . .

Looking for a Great Set of House Plans? WOWhouseplans.com is Expanding Its Gallery of House Plans!

Monday, October 27, 2014

If you are looking for a great set of house plans, check out WOWhouseplans.com. We are expanding our gallery of plans with great designs in all six of our square footage categories. WOW1520, WOW1757, WOW2087, and WOW2764 are our featured house plans taking the spotlight this week. With prices starting as low as $420 on amazing home designs, you will see why we included "WOW" in the website name.

To help things go smoothly during the construction of a new home, you need sets of plans that are both accurate and fully detailed. Take a look at our Sample Plan Page http://www.wowhouseplans.com/sample_plan to see an example of what you get when you purchase one of our plans. The level of detail and accuracy in a WOW house plan is what sets it apart from the house plans of other companies, whether internet-based or not. The journey to a dream home starts with a great set of house plans, so help assure your journey is a smooth one with a house plan from WOWhouseplans.com.
   Read More . . .