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Conditions of Sale

In the following text of this Conditions of Sale, the words “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to WOWhouseplans.com, the company. The words “you” and “your” refer to the individual(s) or company responsible for the purchase of any product available on or through WOWhouseplans.com, the website, in a given transaction. The words “the website” and “our website” refer to WOWhouseplans.com, the website.

When you purchase a house plan through the website, you are actually purchasing sets of blackline prints of the associated house plan design as well as a single-use license or authorization to build one dwelling using those sets of blackline prints. We retain ownership of and all copyrights to the house plan design. Without our prior express written consent, neither the house plan design, nor the sets of blackline prints associated with the house plan design, can be reused or resold in total, in part, or with any degree of modification by you or any other party. (See our Copyright Policy for more details)

All sales are final upon our receipt of your payment. Due to the immediate and significant cost to prepare and print your order prior to shipment and due to the potential for copyright infringement on a shipped order, no refunds or exchanges are allowed on any purchase made through the website. You are responsible for making sure that the dwelling, to be constructed using the sets of blackline prints that you purchase from the website, will fit on your building site while accommodating any setbacks, covenants, servitudes, right of ways, and the like, that are associated with the neighborhood or area in which your dwelling will be built. (See our Refund Policy for more details)

With regard to the dwelling built using the sets of blackline prints that you purchase through the website, compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances, regulations, and requirements before, during, and after construction is your responsibility. Prior to the construction of your dwelling, you are also responsible for checking all dimensions and materials and for verifying that all structural and framing members meet all applicable codes. A local builder or engineer will generally share some or all of this responsibility, but ultimately we do not. While we go to great lengths to make sure our house plan designs meet or exceed the standards of the International Residential Code at the time they are created, local and state building codes, requirements, etc. vary significantly from region to region; and they change on a regular basis. Certain states or areas have wind and/or seismic related codes, regulations, etc. that are not considered in our house plan designs. Prior to construction of the dwelling that will be built using the sets of blackline prints that you purchase through the website, you may need an engineer or architect, registered in the state where you plan to build, to review, update, and stamp your sets of blackline prints.

All products purchased through the website are provided "as is" without other expressed or implied warranty, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for particular purpose or of merchantability. We assume no liability for consequential, incidental, special, or indirect damages, including, but not limited to, any economic loss resulting from use of any product purchased through the website, regardless of any prior advisement to us of said damage. Under any circumstance in which liability is imposed on us, the limit of that liability to you or any third party will not exceed the amount you paid through the website for the product.

There is a zip code restriction on the location in which a dwelling can be built using a house plan design or the sets of blackline prints associated with a house plan design purchased through the website. Any purchases associated with a restricted zip code will result in a declined purchase request. You may use our Contact Us form to request special consideration of your situation. (See FAQ #12 for more details)

All prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notification. We reserve the right to withhold finalization of your order or of any pricing on your order until we have confirmed that the prices shown on the website at the time of your purchase were not a result of typographical or other errors. If we discover such errors, your options will be to purchase the order at its corrected price or to decline your purchase altogether.

If your order is incomplete or incorrect, it is your responsibility to contact us within 72 hours of the delivery acknowledgement time of your order to request resolution of the matter. (Please use our Contact Us form)