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About Us

Our History

WOWhouseplans.com is the web-based online sales division of Crawford & Davlin Home Design Group, Incorporated. Our thousands of house plans have amassed and evolved over the more than thirty-six year professional career of our founding partner, Jack Crawford. Jack has been on the leading edge of computer aided design application in the field of drafting since 1984 when he first began using AutoCAD software to prepare his high school mechanical and architectural drafting students for their future careers. Many of his students won top national honors in the U.S.A. Skills Olympics. By remaining on that leading edge over a twenty-six year teaching career, Jack's home design and drafting business was able to develop superior house plans that reflected the full capabilities of an experienced designer using the power of a computer aided design platform. Upon his retirement from teaching in 1997, Jack focused full attention on his home design and drafting company.

Jim Davlin III, with over twenty-two years of drafting and home design experience, is currently our managing partner, and he also brings to the table over six years of experience as a certified expert in the International Residential Code which has been adopted by all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Prior to his partnership with Jack, Jim was a licensed home builder and general contractor for over eight years. Now working together, our two partners are able to provide amazing house plans that meet or exceed the International Residential Code and that are in keeping with the latest building trends and styles.

In 2013, Timothy Crawford joined the team to manage the information and technology side of the business. With over twelve years of drafting and home design experience and an engineering degree (B.S. Engr.), Timothy was the perfect fit to oversee the development of WOWhouseplans.com and to manage the online sales division of Crawford & Davlin Home Design Group, Incorporated.

With its 2014 launch WOWhouseplans.com now allows you access to an ever-evolving collection of over thirty-six years of house plans, so you can begin your journey to a dream home with an exceptional house plan. Whether you are planning the construction of your first dream home or you are building a dream home for your client, a great set of house plans is the best way to assure that your journey stays on course. We have great plans for you, so allow us to help you reach your dream home destination with any of our WOW house plans.


Now that you have heard what we have to say about ourselves, here is what our WOWhouseplans.com clients have to say about us and our house plans.

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